Good ol' mass spectrometry

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Meet the VGA-100

I could tell you what this thing does, but you wouldn’t believe me…nor understand a damn word I said.

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Oh, you still want to know?


The VGA-100 is a first of it’s kind universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography detector that utilizes the vacuum ultraviolet spectrum to produce not only quantitative data, but qualitative data. Got an isomer problem, this thing will figure it out–it’ll even do it without having to ionize your samples. You don’t even have to calibrate it–Ain’t no one got time for that.

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These guys are rockstars

They are the alternative. No boring, typical website would suffice. Their new site had to be clean and airy to match their sexy new logo…


…and simple and to the point enough to compliment their product’s ease-of-use.


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