Recreating an unsettling experience

Origami as a
storytelling device

Warning: This is a true story and contains disturbing content.

This piece was based on an interview with a young woman.

Her words describe her past–the horrifying reality of being a young girl in a world with no value for human life.


As the reader unfolds the garment, the story continues…

…progressively getting darker with every step of the deconstruction process.


When unfolded completely, a poster for the organization is revealed.

About a year or so after having this project online, some SMF board members discovered it. They asked if I could mass produce it as a promotional piece, but I explained the difficulty of doing so (specialty paper, large format printing, cutting, folding). The most I could do was create a few copies for them.

When the piece was on display in New York for the 2012 Texas Show, I requested that the pieces be donated to them.


Recognition + Credits

Project from Michelle Hays’ Typographic Design class at Texas State University

Creative Summit 25
Sue Reynolds Memorial Award

AIGA Texas Show 2012
2nd Place – Student Work Category

2010 Art Directors Club of Houston
Bronze Medal

“Angel of Cambodia” by lcphotography
“Somaly Mam” by Michael Angelo