A geek with way too many hobbies

I have an obsession with learning as much as I can about whatever currently piques my interest, that is of course until something else comes along. Such things in the past have included photography, building an arcade stick, recording music, origami, MBTI, cosmology, astronomy, 3D modeling, animation, and of course design.

Design is one of the few things in life that has consistently held my interest and it has been just so for the past six years. When it comes to design, for me the journey is more exciting than the finished product itself. The journey is where I learn what does and does not work, and most importantly, why it does not work. From learning new techniques, taking note of promising unused ideas, and discovering solutions to past and potential future issues, this immersive process is where I believe I truly grow as a designer.

Be sure to check out my latest adventures in my blog, Ramblings of an Introverted Design Geek with Way Too Many Hobbies.

A.S. in Computer Animation
The Art Institute of Houston
B.F.A. in Communication Design
Texas State University

HOW Self Promotion Annual 2011
Graduation Invitation

National Student Advertising Competition '10
Second Place at Nationals

Art Directors Club of Houston Show '09
Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Student Design category

Art Directors Club of Houston Show '10
Bronze medal in Student Design category

AIGA Blue Ridge Flux '10 National Student Exhibition
Selected Entries for Packaging (Haribo) and Publication (Graduation Announcement)

The Kids Are Alright Fest '10
Logo design, all marketing materials and collateral, environmental graphics, and web site

Tribes: Vengeance (PC game)
Logo concept used